Nordic design
for universal

Absentus Ltd is a company that was founded in 2016. The company designs, manufactures and sells individual memorials and foundation systems for gravestones. In addition Absentus creates, designs and manufactures collective memorials, columbariums and the appropriate products to suit the environment.

The idea was born in 2015 as a result of a personal loss. This was followed by a comprehension that the existing grave stones do not support mourning through rituals and thereby the actual remembering. Our product development has begun from a need.

Our customers are as well consumers as cemeteries around the world. Regardless of a place and time there is a common need for rituals and remembering. Our innovations nurture these universal needs.

Contemporary trends within the funeral and cemetery field:
  • Cremation
  • Lack of space
  • Collective memorials and columbariums
  • Anonymous burial
  • Sustainebility
  • Need for personalization

Solutions for personal monuments

  • Wide collection of different models
  • All with high grade of personalization
Few examples from our “Corten” line

“NORTEHRN LIGHTS” – a collective monument for 27 000 people. Cemetery of Honkanummi, Finland. Completion 2017.

Solutions for cemeteries

We are the first company offering a holistic approach to cemetary supplies. We deliver all types of collective memorials, columbariums and related furniture and accerories. We make it easy to create an uniform spatial experience. Different collections including various product groups are all easy to order from a catalogue and with the help of our designers.

Collective monument for Cemetery of Maunula, Finland. Completion 2017.

CONVENTIONAL WAY of designing a grave yard 28 interrings.

80 interrings » 286% increase of interrings

Used actions:
Change of a foundation system from a conventional base stone to a Absentus foundation system » making use of the underground volume of the foundation.

Same measures for public areas.

Digital platform for remembering

We have developed a digital platform for cemeteries and their users. It helps you to keep memories vivid and to share them with others and enables easy communication between customers and cemetery. For cemeteries the platform enables better administration and improves maintenance.