Musta Copenhagen - hautakivi kauniin luonnon keskellä

When his own father died in 2013, Peter Westerlund wondered what kind of memorial would honour the life of the deceased and fulfil the wishes of relatives long into the future.

As an architect, Peter was used to designing solutions that facilitate human activity. He hoped for the same from a memorial. Unable to find a satisfactory model among those available, Peter decided to design his own, befitting his father’s life story and comforting the bereaved.

Based on his own experience, the resulting concept has now been expanded into a selection of beautiful and practical products. One architect’s idea has given birth to a company characterised by skill and passion.

Muistomerkkien suunnittelu laadukkaista suomalaisista materiaaleista

Absentus’ memorials were inspired by the idea that a place of remembrance is needed in which respect can be paid to deceased relatives through small gestures. Commemorative rituals often include the lighting of candles, the laying of flowers and time spent in silence at the graveside.

Account has been taken of these very practical needs in solutions that protect candles from the wind and enable the easy care of flowers. In terms of the structure, particular care has been paid to ensuring that the memorial remains stably upright.

When designing our gravestones and memorials, our key principle was to make the best possible use of limited space to enable active remembrance. On this basis, planned use of space is paired with a subdued visual design which the customer can complete with their own choices of material. This makes the result personal, while highlighting respect for memories of the deceased and the creation of new experiences. Combined with warm Scandinavian design, this approach has won industry awards for Absentus.