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Social and economic changes are continuously pressurising cemeteries to rethink their environmental practices and use of space. In densely built towns and cities in particular, there is a need to use space more efficiently. Absentus has developed new solutions to meet these needs.

Absentus’ foundation system enables the more economical use of space for individual memorials. On the other hand, collective memorials and columbariums allow the more efficient use of space across entire cemeteries, enabling a higher number of graves without expanding the estate.


Absentus’ products are designed to serve as stylish overall solutions meeting the needs of cemeteries. In addition to memorials and columbariums, we supply suitable outdoor fittings and furniture. Our products make the creation of a harmonious space around memorial plots easier than in the past. If you want to know more, please be in touch. Our designers will help you to find the best solutions for your cemetery.

Because our product range is modular, the product sizes and surface materials are easy to modify to meet the individual needs of any cemetery.

Efficient production processes enable us to deliver installation-ready products quickly and cost-effectively anywhere. Our collection eases the planning of entire blocks. Our designers and landscape architects help cemeteries in the easy and smooth creation of beautiful estate solutions.

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