Loimaan kivi

Loimaan Kivi and Absentus enter extensive partnership.

Established in 2016, Absentus Oy is a specialist in the design of memorials. Timeless design and acts of remembrance are combined in Absentus’ collection. Absentus’ memorials originated in the idea that remembrance is an active process that needs more than just a name engraved in stone.

The product range is based on a carefully planned selection of gravestones and memorials, which combine a functional approach and quality materials to create a stylish package. The memorials include features such as new solutions for the easy care of plant and flower settings. Absentus’ IPR-protected foundation system is based on earth pressure and withstands ground freezing much more effectively than traditional foundation stones. Absentus’ foundation system can also be separately installed in a traditional memorial.

Absentus’ range of models includes single and collective memorials, columbariums and matching products for the surrounding environment. In 2017, a joint Nordic panel from the NFKK (Nordic Forum for Cemeteries and Crematoria) declared Absentus’ model made of corten steel the best new memorial. Absentus’ creation of collective memorials began at the Honkanummi Cemetery and the Maunula Urn Cemetery.

All stone parts for Absentus’ memorials are made by Loimaan Kivi, which also handles their installation across Finland. This cooperation enables the sale of Absentus’ memorials by all funeral homes that have a supplier contract with Loimaan Kivi or Suomen Kivivalmiste Oy.

A gravestone / memorial configuration tool will soon be added to Absentus’ website, which will support and ease the sales activities of funeral homes.

“This cooperation is a wonderful development. Thanks to Loimaan Kivi, we can ensure that the stone parts of our products are manufactured from the best materials and with the highest expertise”, says Ilkka Kankare, CEO of Absentus.